When to Play

Number of players:
3 to 7 with one deck, 7+ players with 2 decks

After a boring family dinner, during lunch break with your coworkers or at a friend’s house, bring your uno cards and play the French Rules, people will love it – true story!

I introduced Uno to my coworkers and now they are French Uno addicts. We once had a game night at work and we started playing French Uno around 5:30PM in the office’s kitchen. By 8:30PM we were 7 people still playing. The only thing that kept us from playing all night long was 1. we were all about to miss our last train or bus 2. the building was closing. We all had a lot of fun!” – Celine,┬áMichel’s daughter (creator of French Uno).

Learn the French Uno rules. If you don’t own a game, you can buy it on Amazon!

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