The Scoring

Now that you know the rules, it is time to score!
The scoring is pretty straight forward, the only things you will need are 1 pen and a piece of paper.
Draw as many columns as there are players and write everyone’s name on top.

At the end of the game (when someone got rid of all his/her cards – read French Rules) all the other players count the value of their cards.
Numbers are face value:
0 = 0 point
1 = 1 point
2 = 2 points

Special cards are:
+ 2 = 20 points
Reverse = 20 points
Pass = 20 points
Wild = 50 points
+4 = 50 points

Count points at the end of each hands and add up the points.

The first player to reach 500 points is the LOOSER! Don’t want to be a looser? Read our tips page!

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