The Rules

When you are about to start a game, shuffle, cut the deck and the person on your left will deal. 7 cards.
Everyone watches his/her own cards and sorts them the way they want, once everybody’s ready, anyone can flip over the first card from the deck. The person on the dealer’s left will start playing – going clockwise, and all the rules apply to this first card.

Regular Uno:
Play the game like a regular Uno, everybody has a turn going clockwise (unless a reverse card is played) 8 on top of a 8, blue on top of a blue card etc..

Double Down or French Rules:
You can play out of turn if you have an EXACT MATCH (that is, the exact same card). So, if a 5 is played by a person three players ahead of you, and you have a 5, you can play it out of turn as long as you set it down before the player who was originally supposed to play. Then, because you doubled down, you have a free turn – legal play (=matching color or number). You don’t have to play the free turn if you can’t. Then the game resumes.



1. Player A played the 5
2. It is Player B’s turned but Player B is slow
4. Player D is faster than B and play his 5
3. In consequence, Player B and C had their turn skipped
Player D played OUT OF TURN and DOUBLED DOWN with his 5.

When the Double Down gets crazy aka Out of Turn aka Speed Element:
Draw Two (+2) cards and Draw Four Wild (+4) cards are cumulative. That is, if someone plays a +2 card that would apply to you and you have a +2 card (of any color), you can play it, and any other players can put a +2 OUT OF TURN, then the next person has to draw four, six, eight… cards. This can repeat as long as people decide to play their +2 cards, so if you play a +2, it can very well play against you because the player who played before you, can very well play again with a +2. This is the same for +4 cards (and it is important to note that regular Wild cards and +4 cards are not an EXACT MATCH).

In both cases the final person who draws the cards does forfeit his/her turn.


1. Player C played the +2
2. So Player D who doesn’t want to draw 2 plays his +2
3. Player A plays his +2
4. Player D plays his +2
5. And because Player C only has 2 cards left, Player B plays his +2
Player C now has to draw 10 cards and forfeit his turn! And if the game was going clockwise, Player D has to play next, with the 9.

If you are nice players, give the person who drew a minute to sort his/her cards before resuming the game.

Double Down from your own hand:
Situation 1: When you skipped somebody’s turn because you doubled down a card (same color, same number and not a special card) you get a free play. Let’s say you doubled down on a 5, you can play any other red card or another 5. If you can’t play the game just resumes.
Situation 2: You can play multiple cards at once if you have sets of the same cards in your hand. For instance, the player before you played a 5. Now it is your turn, and you have a 5 as well, so you put it down and because you doubled, it is your turn again. You can play, let’s say, a 9 9You should play as many sets of double as you can.
/!\ You can’t double special cards: Skip, Reverse or regular Wild cards.


Player C played a 5
1. Player D is doubling down with his 5
2. Because Player D has two 9 he can play them and he gets a free turn
Unfortunately Player D can’t play again, playing the Skip would be an illegal play.
Player D says “UNO!” and it is now Player A’s turn.

If you can’t play:
If you cannot play on your turn, you must draw one card, if you can play it, play it. If you can’t you keep it and it moves on to the next player. until you can play (in regular UNO, you only draw one

The bullshit call:
If you have a card that can play, you MUST play it.
Wild and Wild Draw Four (+4) card can be played only if you don’t have a card in your hand that matches the color or number of the card previously played, BUT if you play it when you actually could play another card, any players could call “bullshit” on you. If someone calls bullshit and you were indeed lying, you pick up 8 cards, if you were right, the player who called draws the 4!

Call “UNO!”:
When you have one card left in your hand, remember to call UNO. If you don’t and another player calls you out, you must pick up 2 cards.

The end:
The player with no card left in his/her hand is the winner.
If the person finishes with a +2, the player after must draw the 2 cards, unless someone else has another +2 and plays it. In this particular situation, the game ends when all the players got rid of their +2 and the player after must draw all the cards (same rules apply with +4). Only then, players count their cards => Learn about the scoring.

Next game – DO NOT SHUFFLE:
Once everybody is done counting their points, gather all the cards. The player who has dealt the previous game, will cut the pile, and the person to his/her left will deal 7 cards. Someone will flip the card from the top of the drawing pile, and the player on the left will be the first to play. If it is a +2, that player must draw 2 cards, unless someone jumps in and plays another +2, then the +2 double down rule applies (same with +4).


Variants to make it harder/crazier:
1. You can’t go out (and win) if your last card is a +4 or a wild. You must draw, drop your wild or +4 when it is your turn and stay with a number or a special card. – Don’t forget to say UNO!
2. Don’t wait to have everyone ready to flip the card at the beginning of a hand.
3. If you play a 0 (there is only one for each color), you can swap hands with any other player. The swap is not required, but you can if you want.

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