Play Uno Online

There are a few websites where you can play uno online but seems to be some online players’ favorite!

You can play directly in your Internet browser without having to install anything, plus you don’t need to register if you don’t mind being “anonymous”. Unfortunately the rules are mostly based on the original Uno game (not french version) but it is still fun if you need a quick lunch break or need to think about something else for a few minutes. You can choose between French and English language – French being the default one as the creator is French!

The home page is pretty intimidating with all the numbers but don’t pay too much attention to it, especially if you are not a competitive player. However if you would like to see your name on top the scoring sheet, you will appreciate it. Aside from the score, the home or index page contains some interesting facts such as 2,500+ registered users or 101,190 game started since June 2015.

Before starting a game, you can choose the number of opponents, the number of cards you want to play – which is an interesting feature, and the speed of the game. The game speed is very important especially if you play against 5 people or more.

Con: Deep thinking or mouse interactions are very limited. Max 2 clicks. When it is your turn the cards you can play are highlighted, these little details can make the entire game quite boring and slow…
Tip: Have the game open in a different window and do something else while playing.

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